Human Resource Consultancy

As recognized experts in our field, Raindrops Associates offers credible, high quality consultancy advice.

Recruitment Services

With our highly skilled team of recruitment specialists, we recruit for various positions from drivers to ‘C’ level executives.


Raindrops Associates is able to offer tailored and off-the-shelf learning and development activities.

Expatriate Services

International assignments are part of a process to create change, improve understanding and develop the global presence

IT Consulting

Our subsidiary, Watchaven Consulting handles the implementation of bleeding edge business technology solutions

Welcome to Raindrops Associates Limited


We honor commitments, going above and beyond the call of duty by whatever means necessary.


We adhere to our code of moral values without compromise, ensuring world class deliverables are met.


We are reliable & dependable, hence, we harness the power of our teams to deliver outstanding services.
"One-size HR does not fit all companies, finding unique HR solutions to achieve business results is crucial. Raindrops Associates, assists organizations in identifying and building the right structure and service delivery model to create best in class HR organizations. We empower our clients to gain competitive advantage by offering them world class support services".