About us


Founded in 2001, Raindrops Associates (Previously Raindrops Consulting) is a leading HR and management consultancy in both the public and private sectors with wide experience of providing human resource and organization development solutions across Nigeria & West Africa. We provide these services through a combination of cutting edge ideas, and practical solutions and procedures, which are presented in a clear and unambiguous manner.

Our professional HR consultants are experienced in developing enduring client relationships and ensuring total quality control. With staff whose backgrounds span the private, public and voluntary sectors, our size enables us to form close working relationships, whilst retaining the capacity and expertise within the team to meet a diverse range of challenges.

Our innovative consulting strategies assists in aligning organizations management systems to support service delivery and develop the competence and capabilities of their people to deliver on their promises.

We pride ourselves on providing prestige and quality solutions to the exact requirements of our clients. Our services are therefore specifically designed and tailored to the needs of each individual organization and situation. Our staff assess their performance and achievements against the maxim of Speed-Quality-Expertise, an underpinning feature of both our organizational culture and our client relationships.

Our professional team of specialist consultants are committed to delivering fast and effective high quality services. With offices in Lagos & Abuja, we are strategically located to provide support for all our customers.

We believe in Africa and its future and dedicate ourselves to achieving the African dream by actively seeking out alliances, partnerships and friendships throughout the continent.

We are a proud African consulting firm.

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