When hiring a recruiter what should you be looking for?

Here are some great tips to consider when “The Recruiter” is looking for “A Recruiter”

Find recruiters who are:

Digital natives or someone who gets it and wants to learn

  • I agree with this one completely!  I find recruiters that are not digitally astute to be less curious and capable of searching for candidates in a diverse range of channels.  Now I’m not saying they can’t find candidates but some methods may be more labour intenstive than it needs to be and there may be many candidates that are left untouched if sourcing channels are limited.

They have great networks and reach as well as the ability to connect with people

  • This is old school! and this may be were the sourcer and recruiter role separation is worthwhile.  It’s still an art to connect with people, sell the opportunity, be empathetic and personable, therefore the searching and the engaging may need to be done by two separate people if those skills are not natural for some of your sourcers or researchers.

Recruiters need to have deep knowledge in a niche

  • Trying to be everything to everyone, means most of the time you’re not good enough to be anything to anyone.  Harsh but true.  As candidate become easier to find, it’ll be the recruiters that have deep specialisation that will rise to the top as the experts in their field.

You need to be able to write well, whether it be blogging or tweeting to influence and create impact

  • Building a personal brand in the market will be one of the key areas for recruiters as they specialise further in their field.  If their reputation, knowledge and connections are exceptional, then specialised candidates and clients in this field will seek you out.

Recruiters with a personal brand that has empathy

  • Candidates are sick of their calls not being returned, just being another candidate that is managed poorly, therefore recruiters who have great candidate service and empathy will find candidate loyalty when every recruiter is trying to represent them.