HR Consulting


As recognized experts in our field, Raindrops Associates offers credible, high quality consultancy advice on HR, management and employment related issues.

We have a flexible approach, and can support you in a number of ways:

•    Advise on specific issues or cases

•    Advise on the implications of changes in employment law

•    Due diligence discipline or grievance investigations

•    Dealing with disputes

•    Managing employment claims and tribunals

•    Managing small, medium or long term projects

We are committed to providing complete, integrated human resource services to our clients across the African region. With more than 12 years of experience in this sector, we’re prepared to maximize the productivity of your personnel over their entire employment life cycle.

We help companies design and execute Human Resource solutions including:

  • HR Policies and Procedures
  • Payroll management
  • Salary survey and benchmark
  • Remuneration and Benefits Programs
  • HR Audits and Reviews
  • Expatriate’s cultural preparation training before expatriation in Africa
  • Expatriate Management (Rosters, Employment Contracts, Remuneration, Job Descriptions)
  • Site and Corporate Generalist
  • HR Support

At Raindrops Associates, we are human resource and business consultants committed to delivering results.

We work in partnership with our clients to develop innovative strategies and solutions. We also help execute the plan because we believe that is the only way to create real and lasting value. Our consulting services are organized into four areas: strategy, human resource management, innovation and creativity and new business development.

The first aspect of our process is arguably the most important; we only accept those assignments that we believe we are qualified to undertake successfully. The second is that before we embark on a consulting assignment, an initial analysis of the clients need is undertaken. Once a work plan is agreed with our client, we commence delivery of the assignment working closely with the client throughout the process.

Our partners hold the highest membership levels at major professional institutes in Nigeria and are accredited to use a variety of tools to maximize value for clients on each consulting assignment. Our goal is to support the achievement of our client’s immediate goals and contribute to their long term business growth.

Raindrops Associates successfully delivers HR Consulting services to the international resources industry because its team has:

  • Qualified and industry experienced HR professionals available to work on short and long-term consulting assignments.
  • Experience and knowledge from working at site and head offices
  • 100% resources focus and solely dedicated to Africa International network

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