Recruitment Services



We work in partnership with our clients to recruit top class candidates into existing and new roles.

With our highly skilled team of recruitment specialists, we recruit for various positions from drivers to ‘C’ level executives. We have a massive database of qualified personnel to assist institutions with replacement or relief staff in the event of managing the disruptions that are attendant with staff attrition.

The first aspect of our process is arguably the most important: we only accept assignments we believe we are qualified to undertake successfully. Before shortlisting of candidates, we meet each one to ascertain their skills and abilities. They are thoroughly briefed about new opportunities and their permission is always sought before we pass on their resume.

Our experience shows that a candidate’s worth is best measured by a value added factor. This is the amount by which a good candidate can contribute to increased sales, improved efficiency, profitability, decreased overheads, productivity or reduced wastage. A combination of these including specialist skills, personality, experience and the right attitude equip good candidates to enhance the overall performance of their organisation.

Our objective for every assignment we handle is to put forward the candidates with the best overall combination of these attributes.

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