Strengthening the skills within your organization is the key foundation to continuous improvement and growth.

Raindrops Associates is able to offer tailored and off-the-shelf learning and development activities designed to drive up the skills of your organization, including support for your performance and development processes.

We can deliver training workshops on a wide range of topics linked to

  • Personal effectiveness
  • Communication and influencing
  • Time management
  • Business processes
  • Project management and people management
  • HR processes and issues.

Organizations which have a clear line of sight between their business strategy and goals and their investment in learning and development are better equipped to demonstrate the value of their investment in learning. They focus on developing skills, knowledge and behaviors in their people which are aligned to their strategic objectives and goals.

At Raindrops Associates Limited, we come alongside our clients as a people development partner working with them to ensure their investment in learning and development is clearly aligned with and contributes effectively to attaining strategic objectives. Our learning and development products and services help organizations manage the HR function more effectively and support employees and teams to improve their performance in the workplace.


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